Weld RE-4 Title I

What is Title I?
Title Funding Information

2018-2019 Weld RE-4 Title I schools are Skyview Elementary and Tozer Primary.

Title I Parent Letter 2018-2019

District Title I Parent and Family Engagement

School -Level Title I Parent and Family Engagement (School/Parent Compact)

Parent Engagement in Education

If you have questions regarding Title I please refer to the contact information below:

Kirsten Richard at Skyview Elementary (970.686.8500)
Brooke Hicks at Skyview Elementary (970.686.8500)
Noelle Anderson at Tozer Elementary (970.686.8400)
Jeffrey Brunner  at Tozer Elementary (970.686.8400)
Baylie Partridge at at Tozer Elementary (970.686.8400)
Jackie Hertzke at the District Office Building (970.686.8031)

Weld RE-4 Title I Program