Types of Offerings & Fee Schedule

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Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Courses

Some professional learning courses, workshops, and trainings offer continuing education units/clock hours (CEUs) upon completion of the course. CEUs are professional learning credits that may be used toward license renewal but may not be used for salary advancement. It is possible to receive CEUs rather than district credit for some courses, at the instructor's discretion. 
Per CDE: To renew your Professional license you will need to submit 6 semester hours of coursework or 90 clock hours of professional development. These can be combined. 1 semester hour is equal to 15 clock hours. (example: 30 clock hours of professional development plus 4 semester hours of college coursework would equal 6 semester hours or 90 clock hours).


    Available to all Weld RE-4 employees, including certified and classified staff 
    Eligible for use in license renewal

    Course Fee waived, material fee applied for district employees

   Offered as an alternative to district credit for many courses

    Not eligible for use in salary advancement

District Credit Courses

District credit is an educational unit based on credit hours that are awarded for the completion of coursework for some professional learning courses offered by Weld RE-4. It gives staff the opportunity not only to learn, but to document and share practices with colleagues. District Credit can be used for salary advancement, and as a result, hourly compensation in addition to credit is not available. 

District Credit:

   Available for all Weld RE-4 employees, including certified and classified staff

   Eligible for use in salary advancement and/or re-licensure

   Requires approval of an action plan and evidence of implementation

   Subject to tuition and other fees

    Not eligible for hourly compensation in addition to credit

Fees (as of 8-18-2020):

cost and conversion of credit hours
  • Additional fees may be assessed for books or other materials for the course.

  • If a drop request has not occurred by the first day of registration, the cost of the course will be forfeited.  In emergency cases, fees may be used in a future course.

  • No certificate will be issued until the course is completed and payment is received.    

  • After proof of non-participation in the course the instructor has the right to drop you from the class.  

How to Register

To register for courses, follow the instructions for registration on the Current Professional Learning Opportunities course list. 

Salary Advancement Information

To learn more about professional improvement and salary advancement for certified staff, review the GCIE Board Policy page.

For more information about professional growth advancement for classified staff, please review the Classified Professional Growth Policy (GDM), the information in the Classified Professional Growth Stipend (GDP), or the Classified (Salaried) Professional Growth Stipend (GDPA). 

Full descriptions of all Weld RE-4 Board Policies are available on the Weld RE-4 Board of Education Policies page. For questions about salary advancement or other board policies, please contact 970-686-8000.

Higher Education - Degree Advancement and Certificates

Grand Canyon University and Concordia University- Nebraska offer tuition discounts and scholarships to Weld RE-4 employees in some online specialized certificate programs, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree programs. These programs are online, flexible and accelerated to meet the needs of today's adult learner. As an employee of Weld RE-4 School district, you are eligible for special tuition discounts. Your immediate family members may be eligible as well. Please contact the Department of Instruction for more information. 

Additionally, we would like to make you aware of a new partnership beginning this summer.  Weld RE-4 will host this year's CSU principal licensure cohort group. This fits with our district vision as we seek to grow leadership across the district. If you have considered getting your principal license and/or master's degree, please take a look and we warmly invite you to join the cohort. Please see this flyer for details


Contact the Department of Instruction at 970-686-8032