Interested in Teaching PD?

If you are interested in teaching a professional development course, please read the information below and complete the proposal. Steps for the course approval process are listed below. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Instruction at 970-686-8032.

Teaching PD


Staff interested in teaching courses that provide a continuing education unit or district credit must complete the Adult Learning Course in Canvas or have demonstrated evidence of teaching adults.

Instructor Compensation:

Instructors or Supervisors will determine the best format to offer professional development.  This could include face to face, blended, or completely online formats.

Instructors may earn continuing education units worth twice the amount of hours of the course the first time it is offered, or a stipend. 

If courses are offered multiple times, instructors may earn continuing education units equal to the course, or a stipend.

Instructor Stipend:

Stipend Amount

Steps for Course Approval:

  1. Potential facilitator or instructor will review the PD Facilitator/Instructor FAQs and Supporting Information document: Facilitator FAQs and Information.

  2. Fill out the Course Proposal Form (embedded below).

  3. The proposal is routed to the Department of Instruction for approval. 

  4. Approval is given, or feedback is given to submitter for re-application.  Submissions may be discussed with professional development team as part of the review process. 

  5. For Continuing Education Units, certificates may be pre-printed for the course.

  6. During the course, documentation of attendance and participation must be recorded.

  7. After course is complete, names of participants are submitted to Lori Lanckriet in the Department of Instruction for processing.

Mobile-friendly link: Course Proposal Form


Please contact the Department of Instruction at 970-686-8032.